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Using Impulse


These are not precise. Just use whatever words feel best and see if it works.

  1. Get events from my calendar on a certain date - The date is needed, or you’ll be told it doesn’t work

  2. Create a note

  3. Greeting

  4. Parting

  5. Time

  6. Thanks

  7. What is Impulse?

  8. Family

  9. Jokes

  10. Google

  11. Exit


  1. You must authenticate with the window that opens, or the code will not run (I didn’t think I should verify it, so it will say that it might not be safe)

  2. Impulse is slow due to the modules used. This cannot be helped sadly.

  3. Impulse requires an Internet connection to work as the Speech to Text uses a Google Service. The jokes also use an API that will not work without Internet Connection

  4. Impulse may not understand you all of the time, as the Google Speech to Text is not amazing


  1. Watch the console. When he is ready to detect your voice, you will see “Start”. This is when you say “Impulse”. After the “Listening”, say your command. When a “.” is printed to the screen, Impulse has finished listening and will execute your command. When you see “End”, you can start again by saying “Impulse”

  2. Your speech will be on the console, so you can see if he heard correctly. - It will take a while to show up.

  3. Be patient. It takes a while to work depending on the speed of the connection to Google servers, the Joke API(for joke command) and the clearness of your voice. Background noise may also play a part in it. Oh, and don’t forget the speed of the computer.

  4. Been waiting for a while, and it isn’t working? Try restarting the program.

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